Sunday, April 27, 2008

Max The Movie

My son Max who is in Morocco this simester was requited originally to be an extra for the Movie  The Green Zone which is about the Iraq war.  He ended up getting a speaking part as a US military commander giving a peep talk to "his" troop before they go into balltle to invade Iraq. 
Green Zone
Director: Paul Greengrass
Brian Helgeland (written by)
Rajiv Chandraskaran  (book)
Release Date: 2009 (USA)
Genre: Drama / War
Plot Outline: A thriller about a pair of CIA agents on the trail of certain Weapons of Mass Destruction and a foreign correspondent following their mission. Inspired by Imperial Life in the Emerald City.
An adaptation of Washington Post journalist Rajiv Chandrasekaran's Iraq war chronicle.
The Green Zone stars: 
Matt Damon ... Roy Miller
Brendan Gleeson
Jason Isaacs ... Maj. Briggs
Greg Kinnear

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